Coleman Sleeping Bags

Why Choose Coleman?

Coleman sleeping bags are designed with their “ComfortSmart” system that includes:

  • ZipPlow: This feature keeps the fabric away from the zipper to prevent snagging
  • Comfort Cuff: to assure softness around your face.
  • Roll Control locks the bag in place and makes rolling easier.
  • FiberLock prevents the insulation from shifting and bunching inside of the lining, increasing durability.
  • ThermLock reduces heat loss through the zipper, making you warm and cozy all night.
  • Zipper Glide for trouble free zipper operation, and
  • The Quick Cord System to keep you from having to tie the bag to pack.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when selecting the right sleeping bag for your needs.

First and foremost, buy for the cold! Like most sleeping bags, Coleman sleeping bags are rated by the lowest temperature at which your comfort is assured. Of course, we all have different metabolism levels, so you might want to consider that,as well. Take these ratings with a “grain of salt”.

Down or synthetic? For sure, goose down has superior insulating properties over most synthetic materials, but, if you camp in a wetter climate, synthetic is the way to go. Goose down loses virtually all of it’s properties when wet.

Also, consider the shape of your bag. Basically, you have two choices: mummy or rectangle. The rectangle design offers more room to toss and turn, but gives considerable ground on heat retention. If your favorite camping area is in a colder climate, the mummy design is definitely the better choice.

Whatever your preferred camping climate may be, rest assured that the full line of Coleman sleeping bags has a bag to fit your needs.

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