Glass Apothecary Jars

Two's Company Botany Apothecary Jar SetGlass apothecary jars are popular for storing essentials in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as in other areas of the house. These glass jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes it easy to store items of different sizes and shapes.

They add interest to your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else you need storage. This is especially true for colorful items such as candies or gumballs. You can even use them purely for decorative purposes, filling them with sea shells, marbles or rock.

There are benefits of using these clear, hand-blown artisan jars rather than traditional baskets in the bathroom and canisters in the kitchen. Not only are the decorative jars more stylish, but the contents can be seen through the transparent glass. This lets you see when you are running low.

Using the jars in your kitchen offers ample storage space for flour, sugar, salt, rice and other essentials. Colorful fruit can be placed in them to add color, and to store the fruits. Smaller jars can be used for spices. In the bathroom, you can use the jars to unclutter your counter-tops. Place cotton balls, soaps and even wash cloths in them for storage.

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Single Glass Apothecary Jars | Mix & Match

Many homemakers prefer to use single glass apothecary jars because they see a different and specific need for each one.

Perhaps they want to have large, heavyweight jars in the kitchen and smaller, more delicate jars for the bathroom or dressing area. Perhaps even something in between to use as candy dishes in the living room or on the dining table.

That’s the beauty of using glass apothecary jars; their uses are virtually unlimited.

Here are some of our favorites

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Use An Apothecary Jar Set For Uniform Kitchen Decor

Many homemakers take great pride in their home’s decor. Others are a bit more “eclectic”. If you’re a member of the first group, and want to take advantage of the functionality of apothecary jars, then the answer is to use a matching apothecary jar set (like those I highlight below) rather than random jars of differing designs.

Here are some of my favorites. Perhaps they can get your imagination going and help you find just the perfect apothecary jar set for your home.

Two's Company Botany Apothecary Jar SetTwo’s Company Botany Apothecary Jar Set with Antiqued Labels

A gorgeous set of apothecary jars that features 3 long neck jars, 3 wide mouth jars, and 3 cylinder jars, all with matching lids.

Also included are antique style labels to give the set a vintage look.

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La Rochere 3 Piece French Glass Kitchen Apothecary Jar Set
La Rochere French Glass Kitchen Apothecary Jar Set

These beautiful jars are made by la Rochere, the oldest ongoing glass manufacturing plant in Europe. They have been manufacturing glass products in France since 1475. They use only the most sturdy glass available in Europe.

Cannisters are 6.75, 5.75, and 3.75 inches tall, each with a matching glass lid. They will introduce European design and style to any kitchen or bathroom.

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Apothecary Jar 3 Piece Set

Apothecary Jar 3 Piece Set

You will find dozens of uses for this large apothecary jar set. There are 3 styles: 1 tall (19 X 5.5 inches),1 sloped (13 X4.5 inches), and 1 round (11 X 4 inches).

They can be decorative (candy, etc.) or functional (flour, sugar, etc.). Uses for these great jars are only limited by your imagination.

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Anchor Hocking 32-Ounce Emma Jar with Glass Lid, Pack of 4

Anchor Hocking Apothecary Jar SetOn a more practical side, this set of 4 apothecary jars is more functional than fancy. Each jar holds 32 ounces and will serve very well for storing everything from candy to bath salts.

At home virtually anywhere in your house, you can use them for candles, showing decorative pebbles or crafting supplies. Just about anything you want can be safely stored in these hefty containers.

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More Glass Apothecary Jar Sets

Like most home decor items, glass apothecary jar sets are available in so many styles and sizes, attempting to highlight them all in this small space would be impossible.

Instead, please allow me to showcase a few of my favorites without a lot of hype. If you see any that peak your interest, simply click on the image to get more info.

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